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Filharmonia w Szczecine, wieczorna iluminacja

Architectural Highlights

Szczecin is not only a city of water and greenery but also of interesting and intriguing architecture, which is often world class.

Talented designers have worked here, and a large proportion of what they created is preserved in impeccable shape. It is worth knowing that the blocks of tenement houses erected in the 19th and 20th centuries are incomparable to any others in Poland.

It is here the elegant villa districts were built even before 1945, and their creation was inspired by the modern concept of city-gardens. The huge Central Cemetery is the city's pride. Due to incredibly designed greenery and stylish statues it can be called the Garden of the Dead. Szczecin appears to have a rarely encountered aspect: the newer the architecture, the better it is. Let us then walk along the route of the last several centuries.

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