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Travelling to Szczecin by plane

The airport Port Lotniczy Szczecin Goleniów is located about 40 kilometres from Szczecin.

For all airline passengers there are transfer buses available. One ticket costs around 15 PLN if you buy it at an Interglobus office or online. If you buy a ticket from the bus driver the ticket costs 19.50 PLN. You can also choose the Airport Hotel & Home Transfer which means you go straight to your final destination, like a hotel or an office, for 29 PLN.
+48 91 485 0422

The LOT Airline Minibus runs from the terminal to the city centre for 25 PLN. The buses depart from the city 90 minutes before a flight and depart from the airport 15 minutes after landing.
+48 91 481 7400

Taxis are available from outside the terminal. The estimated travel time is 30 minutes and the journey costs approximately 110-150 PLN.
Airport Taxi Group
+48 91 481 7690

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