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Spacer szlakiem PRL w Szczecinie

Szczecin City Walks

Szczecin will amaze you with its diversity and enchant you with the richness of its architecture. Many townhouses hide a lot of secrets, interesting stories and anecdotes.
Let’s visit places that still exist, but also those which remain only in memory. Together we’ll try to imagine the old Szczecin and feel its history. We’ll meet shy Cranosauruses, look into beautiful tenement houses and immerse ourselves in the history of the city’s unique citizens. We’ll learn the secrets of brewing local beer, find out how empress Catherine spent her childhood and where citizens could listen to big beat. But this is not the end! We’ll go on a sightseeing cruise, go up the tallest tower in the city, taste local specialities and even hear the beating heart of Carl Loewe.
Enjoy the themed city walks during which you will discover Szczecin for good!