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Brama Główna Cmentarza Centralnego w Szczecinie

Urban Jungle

Szczecin is a paradise not only for fans of water sports or unusual architecture, but also for lovers of greenery. It is a city of many parks, which make the town even more charming. Those are places where you can relax and spend free time – regardless of the season. Parks, woods and forests are virtually on your doorstep and they surprise you with unusual viewing points, showing off the magnificent city panoramas. 
Do take a walk in the Central Cemetery, Puszcza Bukowa, Las Arkoński or around Lake Głębokie! 

The development of city’s greenery has been inextricably linked with the city’s history. Since mid-1800s, Szczecin has been rapidly expanding its borders. The necessity to expand the city was a perfect chance to develop it as an urban structure and also to make it into a “garden city”. The creation of such vast green areas would not have been possible if not for the generosity of industrialists of that time, born and raised in Szczecin, who spared no expense in embellishing the city with park complexes. One of the best-known entrepreneurs is Johannes Quistorp.