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Szmaragdowe Lake

Jezioro Szmaragdowe, fotografia Damiana Róża
Jezioro Szmaragdowe, fot. Damian Róż

Szmaragdowe Lake is known as the most beautiful recess of Szczecin surroundings.

It owes its name to the tint of the water which a result of calcium carbonate and the reflexion of light in the cretaceous bottom of the lake. There is an observation deck nearby where the panorama of the Lower Odra River and Szczecin city can be admired. On the southern shore there is a crumbling fire station with the underground systems of corridors built by the Germans. There is also a viewpoint called “ Polana Widok”, a restaurant “ Grota” and numerous alleys for strollers.

ul. Kopalniana (Szczecin Zdroje)