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Bike_S – Szczecin City Bike

Bike_S Szczecin City Bicycle 

City bicycle is a convenient supplement to standard public transportation. Since 2022, Szczecin has had a fourth-generation city bicycle. The bicycles are equipped with GPS, so they can also be rented and returned (for an extra charge) outside the parking zones - as long as you are in the area where the rental station operates.

The entry fee required to register in the system is PLN 20. Paid funds can be used for rentals. The cost of a minute of riding is PLN 0.10. 

You can find out how to rent a Bike_S on the website of the Szczecin Urban Bicycle -

The Szczecin City Bike System operates all year round, including winter. 

Address: Multiple locations 
Phone: 91 50 65 200 (operator hotline) 



Ścieżki - bike rental 

A place where passion meets pragmatism, where love of nature meets fascination with bicycles. We want to show you how much freedom you can feel by owning an electric bicycle. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a bike for relaxation, want to bypass traffic, or maybe take your loved ones on a picnic. Any of these ways, will be good, because it will be yours.

Address: 19E Monte Cassino Street
Phone: 788 089 648