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Bike_S – Szczecin City Bike

A city bike is a convenient complement to standard public transport. There are almost 90 stations to choose from, and their current occupancy can be seen on the system page ( It can be used from March to November.

Using a city bike is not only convenient, but also inexpensive - the first 20 minutes of the ride is free, and riding below an hour costs PLN 1. The full price list of using a city bike can be viewed here (

Registration in our system is extremely easy - just fill out a short form ( and deposit PLN 20 to start. Then the SMS comes with a 6-digit PIN and the login is the phone number.
People who are already registered in city bike systems in cities where Nextbike is the operator do not need to register - their accounts are also valid in Szczecin.
The account on a city bike works on a pre-paid basis - after renting a vehicle, the funds are removed from our account.

Useful Information