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Public transport in Szczecin

The departure times for the local transport are clearly posted at all stops. Tickets can be bought from any kiosk selling newspapers, in ZDiTM cash offices or from the ticket mashine inside every vehicle.

The tickets are valid for a limited period, timed from when validated in the ticket validator inside a tram or a bus. Note that on both buses and trams, night tickets have specific rules regarding time limit. Luggage and animals doesn't require tickets.
Ticket offices map:,ticket-offices

Prices for normal and night lines:
15 minutes = 2 zł
30 minutes = 3 zł
1 hour = 4 zł
2 hours = 5zł
24 hours = 12zł (this tickets works for all lines)

Prices for fast lines:
15 minutes = 4 zł
30 minutes = 6 zł
1 hour = 8 zł

Timetables for all the lines:,by-line?setlang=en

>> More Info:,by-line?setlang=en