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Amar Vege Club
Amar Vege Club

Vege Club Amar is an intimate place where you can eat a homemade vegan dinner, combining traditional Polish flavors with a hint of orient.

Bachus Winiarnia & Restauracja
Bachus Winery & Restaurant

Bachus is a winery with a restaurant, operating in Szczecin Podzamcze continuously since 1999.

Bajgle Króla Jana w Szczecinie
Bajgle Króla Jana - King John's Bagels

King John's Bagels were created out of love for "rolls with a hole", for good cuisine, with passion and a desire to make people happy.

Bananowa Szklarnia
Bananowa Szklarnia - Banana Greenhouse

Restaurant serving breakfasts and second breakfasts / lunches.

Bro Burgers w Szczecinie
Bro Burgers

Bro Burgers is the first burger foodtruck in Szczecin. Delicious and juicy burgers are prepared here with the greatest attention to detail.

Spiżarnia Szczecińska restauracja
Spiżarnia Szczecińska - Szczecin Larder

It is here that the originality of experiments is mixed with the seriousness of culinary classics, the enthusiasm of chefs is combined with their experience, and good food is matched by even better food.

Europa Restaurant & Cafe
Europa Rastaurant & Cafe

The Europa Restaurant offers a delicious buffet breakfast, quick lunches, business lunches and gourmet dinners, and on Sunday afternoon family dinners for families with children.


The restaurant, founded in 1981, offers seafood dishes (mussels, shrimps, squids, crayfish), a wide range of fish and salads.

Ogródek restauracji Marshal Food przy ul. Rayskiego w Szczecinie
Marshal food Restaurant

Marshal food is a cozy restaurant in the heart of Szczecin, serving contemporary European cuisine, cocktails and craft drinks as well as craft breweries from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.