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The Tourist Tram Line "0"

Tramwajowa Linia Turystyczna "0"
Tramwajowa Linia Turystyczna "0"

You can see Szczecin from the old tram, which ride through city every summer Sunday.

While a tour you can see the most interesting places and monuments in Szczecin.

The Tourist tram line "0" is operated by historical wagons type N and 4N.

Places and monuments worth to see during riding:

  1. Main Railway Station
  2. Monument with the Anchor
  3. Harbour Gate
  4. Neo-Renaissance Post Office No. 2
  5. Building of the National Museum and 13 Muse's Club
  6. Diet's Palace
  7. Royal Gate
  8. Żeromski Park
  9. Pazim Complex
  10. Grunwaldzki Square
  11. Piastów Avenue and Jagiellońska Street
  12. Former Hospital Complex
  13. Tram Depot at Piotra Skargi Street
  14. Wojska Polskiego Avenue
  15. West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT)
  16. "Pomorzany"- Typical Urban Estates of the 70s and 80s of the 20th century
  17. Bosman Brewery
  18. Gasworks
  19. Tram Depot at Kolumba Street