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Szczecin Dialogue Centre Upheavals awarded!

Centrum Dialogu Przełomy nagrodzone
Centrum Dialogu Przełomy nagrodzone.jpg

The department of the Szczecin National Museum, Dialogue Centre Upheavals, was awarded the title of "the best public space in Poland 2015-2019". LIFE IN ARCHITECTURE is a nationwide competition for the most significant architectural projects, organised by the editorial staff of the monthly magazine Architektura-Murator since 1995. The jury of the competition justified its decision with these words:

One of the most symbolic, multidimensional and ideological spaces in Poland not only after 1989, but even after the Second World War. The uniqueness of the architectural design lies in the skilful shaping of the building, making it both a building and a square at the same time. The creation of a unique building that allows for many interpretations deserves special recognition. The building contains an exhibition that preserves the memory of the post-war fate of the city, while on the surface - the roof of the museum - ordinary life with all its manifestations takes place today.