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Oktoberfest Szczecin

Oktoberfest 2020
Oktoberfest 2020

Oktoberfest Szczecin is not only gastronomy, but also great fun.

This year, the beer festival will once again be held in Szczecin, combining Bavarian tradition with local character.

During the event, there will be no shortage of hop decorations, Bavarian delicacies, live music and an interesting offer of craft beers. Aleja Kwiatowa will be filled with stands, among which everyone will find their favorite brewery. Pilzner, lager, bock, porter, pale ale, wheat, or maybe flavored?

Oktoberfest Szczecin is not only delicious beer and food, but also great fun. Consumption will be accompanied by beer tastings and shows, a stage where they will host, quizzes and competitions as well as live music with shared feasting.

The event is part of a series of events organized as part of the "Colorful Alley" project.

The event will take place in compliance with all sanitary rules, so that everyone who visits the Szczecin beer festival feels safe.