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Filipinka and Szczecin Gingerbread

Źródło: Filipinka
Źródło: Filipinka

The family confectionery-bakery "Filipinka" was founded in 1963 and is still run by the next generations. It has always been located in the old district of Szczecin - Pogodno, on the corner of Witkiewicza Street and Konopnicka Street.

The specialty and prestigious product of the company are Szczecin Gingerbreads hand-decorated, baked on the basis of traditional Szczecin pre-war recipe. On 28.07.2011 Szczecin Gingerbreads were included in the List of Traditional Products of West Pomeranian Voivodeship kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The gingerbreads are hand-decorated by a team of experienced and talented decorators, who can conjure up truly magical icing drawings. Each gingerbread is a small work of art that requires time, precision and a masterful hand.

Throughout the year in the "Filipinka" Confectionery you can buy gingerbread in traditional Szczecin shapes and other patterns from the year-round offer. Seasonally, there are designs for various occasions of the year and special gingerbread on request.

Besides the Szczecin's Pogodno, Szczecin's Gingerbreads can also be found at many fairs and markets.

Witkiewicza 1
91 487 28 85