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Golden Trail

Złoty Szlak
Złoty Szlak

There is no such a walking trail in any other Polish city. It leads from the city center from The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle through John Paul II Alley, Kasprowicza Park to the forest. Although it is a long way to go it is worth traveling as a whole by for example combining the walk with the bike tour.

After visiting the antique part of the city, you can ride a bike through Jasne Błonia Alleys, Kasprowicza Park with its charming Rusałka Lake and Summer Theater to the Rose Garden.

Next, following the forest pathways you can reach some city recreational facilities. You can take a rest in the city lido or on a landscaped forest fields. On Głębokie Lake you can change your bike for a kayak or water bicycle. Rope Park waits for amateurs of active relaxation.

Your trip can be continued through the forest for example following the trail of Siedem Młynów-Gubałówka.


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