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Ski Park Szczecin

Ski Park Szczecin
Ski Park Szczecin

Ski Park Szczecin is a modern skiing and climbing center equipped with two year-round ski slopes, eleven climbing attractions, and an interactive zone.

It is the only resort of this type in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, which can guarantee adults, as well as children, beginners and professionals, great sports entertainment and an unforgettable experience while using innovative ski slopes throughout the year. The center also has a zone of creative climbing walls, which is a great place to organize an active birthday for your child. An additional attraction is the interactive zone, Augmented Climbing Wall is a multimedia platform for playing on climbing walls, thanks to its visual setting and a diverse range of games, it will encourage everyone to take up the challenge and climb to the top of their abilities.

ul. Twardowskiego 5
+48 575 392 228
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