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One-day Trail

Jednodniowy Szlak Turystyczny
Jednodniowy Szlak Turystyczny

This is our suggestion for tourists only passing through the city. Trail leads through the most significant and worth seeing places. Enjoy!

  1. Main Railway Station
  2. Post Office
  3. Tourist Information Center
  4. St. James Arch Cathedral
  5. Orła Białego Square
  6. Old Town Hall
  7. Pomeranian Dukes' Castle
  8. Statue of December 1970 Victims
  9. St. Peter and St. Paul Church
  10. Maritime University
  11. National Museum
  12. Voivode's Office
  13. Adam Mickiewicz Monument
  14. Żeromski Park
  15. Royal Gate
  16. Diets' Palace
  17. Commemorative plaque
  18. Colleoni Monument
  19. Grunwaldzki Square