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City Trail

Miejski Szlak Turystyczny
Miejski Szlak Turystyczny

The City Tourist Route is a 7-km-long loop which connects 42 sites – the most interesting monuments and places worthseeing.

The idea behind the route was to commemorate the 750th anniversary of granting town privileges to Szczecin. The route is marked by an easily found red dotted line painted on the pavement, and thus the common name of the trail is the “Red Route”.

Numbers in circles act as supplementary signs corresponding to each site on the route. Near to each number an information board with a detailed description of the object is either suspended on the wall of the building or standing alone. A pocket guidebook published in various languages, including a map of the route, can be purchased at the tourist information centres, the local seat of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society and in bookstores. The route begins and ends in front of the Szczecin Central Railway Station.

The following sites are on the City Tourist Route (the numbers correspond to the numbering along the route):

  1. The Central Railway Station
  2. Post Office No.2
  3. Snail Gate Barracks
  4. Fragment Of City Walls
  5. Gothic Church of St. John the Evangelist
  6. Long Bridge
  7. Old Town Hall
  8. Late-Gothic Loitz House
  9. Pomeranian Dukes' Castle
  10. Ducal Stable and Manege
  11. Maiden Tower or Seven Coats Tower
  12. Castle Route
  13. Maritime Academy
  14. National Museum
  15. Voivode's Office
  16. Adam Mickiewicz Monument
  17. PAZIM Complex
  18. The Royal Gate
  19. Dialogue Centre "Upheavals",
             Szczecin Philharmonic,
             Voivodeship Headquarters of Police
  20. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church
  21. Professors' Houses
  22. St. Mary's Gymnasium
  23. Birthplace of the Empress Catherine II of Russia
  24. St. James Arch Cathedral
  25. Flora Statue
  26. Eagle Fountain
  27. Palace under the Globe
  28. Velthusen's Palace
  29. Diets' Palace (Nationalmuseum)
  30. Art Gallery of the National Museum and 13 Muses' Club
  31. Commemorative Plaque
  32. Former seat of the Pomeranian Landowners' Bank
  33. Former seat of the Prussian Royal Post
  34. St. John Baptist's Church
  35. Children's Hospital
  36. Gen. Władysław Anders Park
  37. Church of the Holliest Heart of Jesus Christ
  38. St. Adalbert's Garrison Church
  39. Kornel Ujejski Monument
  40. Harbour Gate
  41. Red City Hall (New City Hall)
  42. Fountain with the Anchor