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Sightseeing the building of the Westpomeranian Governor's Office

Gmach Zachodniopomorskiego Urzędu Wojewódzkiego
Gmach Zachodniopomorskiego Urzędu Wojewódzkiego

One of the attractions on the route of The City Tourist Route is the possibility of sightseeing the building of the Westpomeranian Governor's Office.

The monumental building of the Westpomeranian Governor’s Office is one of the most recognized and representative buildings in Szczecin.

The neo-renaissance building consists of five wings with two declosed courtyards. The building is surmounted by two towers.

The architecture of the building, including its exterior design, survived almost unchanged until today. The building was seat of the Szczecin Regency, Maritime Authorities and the apartment for the President of Regency. After that, it became the first seat of local polish authorities.

In the building three sightseeing routes are available. They make possible to see: curious details, the towers, viewing terrace, the hall with exhibition of architectural details and the basements of the building.

For more information about possibility of sightseeing the building, including booking for groups call: +48 91 43 03 633

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