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Kompleks Basenowo-Rekreacyjny Arkonka
Kompleks Basenowo-Rekreacyjny Arkonka

The Arkonka swimming pool and recreation complex consists of four pool basins: both for a few-year-old children - up to 40cm deep, and sports - reaching a depth of 180cm.

In the pools there are foot massage points, geysers, toys that suddenly shoot water, there is a giant fountain with a water throw up to 15 meters. There are 3 slides: family, wavy and for the bravest - 'kamikaze'.

In the area of Arkonka there are also tennis, badminton, volleyball courts, artificial beach, skatepark, which in the winter turns into an ice rink. There are 200 parking spaces available to drivers. And there are more than 100 bike racks at the ticket office.

ul. Arkońska 30a
+48 723 578 444