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The Odra River boulevards

Bulwary nadodrzańskie  z Aleją Żeglarzy
Bulwary nadodrzańskie z Aleją Żeglarzy

Pedestrian zones on both sides of the river Oder are places of loads of small events such as "Bulwarove" or food truck festivals.

Many people approach there to relax, chill and to admire the astonishing view of the Szczecin's waterfront.

An unusuall experience that you might take a part in on the boulevards is a sort of aroma therapy, with a lovely smell of chocolate straight from the chocolate factory located nearby.

Obviously, it's also a good place to berth your boat there or go to one of plenty caffees and restaurants, that are always opened until nightfall. Go for a walk along the Sailors Avenue. It is an outdoor exhibition with sculptures of famous captains, a sailor's cat, navigation devices and historical bronze board depicting the link of Szczecin and West Pomerania to the sea.

On a hot and sunny day go to an island located between two banks of Oder. You will find there a sandy beach and a beach bar.

Bulwary Nadodrzańskie