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Bogusława Boardwalk

Deptak Bogusława
Deptak Bogusława

When looking for a place with many cafes and restaurants, it’s worth looking into the Duke Boguslaw X street (ul. Księcia Bogusława X).

On the section between Zgody Square and Zamenhof Square there is a promenade full of restaurants, bars and pubs. It is a perfect place to meet over food or a favourite drink, regardless of the season. The promenade teems with life, especially on weekend evenings. Beer gardens are then full of Szczecin residents and tourists.

Many restaurants are also located along the neighbouring Jagiellońska, Monte Cassino and Wojska Polskiego streets.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Polish, Italian, or Asian cuisine, burgers, fast food, coffee, ice cream or drinks and parties - the promenade will be the right place for you.