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Lody Marczak

Lody Marczak
Lody Marczak

It is a famous local brand. Lody Marczak is one of the most popular ice cream in Szczecin. 

Produced with great care, this artisanal product is free of preservatives, flavour enhancers, synthetic colours and aromas, thickeners, acidifiers or gelling agents - the owners do not compromise in this respect.

The lack of artificial additives makes us enjoy the sublime natural taste and not an unbalanced and over-sweetened substitute.

We offer you what we would like to get ourselves.

Our artisanal ice cream is traditionally made with simple, top quality natural ingredients, just the right amount of heaviness, velvety softness, creamy texture and real strength of flavour.

The result? There are already two locations of Marczak ice cream in Szczecin. An older, tiny one, at Piłsudskiego 16, where you can buy ice cream and go for a walk around Szczecin's city centre, or a new, bigger one at Rayskiego Street, where you can also have a coffee and sit down for a while. Don't be afraid to wait in line, it's really worth it! 

ul. Generała Ludomiła Rayskiego 25
ul. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 16
509 746 785
STC discount
3. scoop of ice-cream for free