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Hala Odra

Kolaż zdjęć Hali Odra w Szczecinie. Z lewej ogródek piwny nad Odrą, z prawej wnętrze hali.
Hala Odra

On Kępa Parnicka, at the Maurycy Beniowski Boulevard, a unique industrial space hosts food trucks, cultural events, night parties or food and craft fairs. And this is certainly not the end of ideas for this place.

In Hala Odra you can find cuisine from all over the world served by food trucks, take part in workshops, shop for handicrafts and food, or just have a good coffee with friends. In the evening you can meet here again to have a drink and dance. All this among containers, wooden pallets and crates, which create a unique atmosphere. Visitors often mention the "berlinness" of this place.

The creators of Hala keep coming up with new ideas, so it is worth following Hala Odra's fanpage.

Bulwar Maurycego Beniowskiego 5
790 415 234