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Symfonia Cafe

Źródło: Cafe Symfonia
Źródło: Cafe Symfonia

The cafe is located in the Szczecin Philharmonic.

The bright interior is conducive to enjoying the dishes at any time of the day. A light breakfast card is supplemented with delicious and healthy slow-pressed vegetable and fruit juices. Author's confectionery sweets are perfect both during a business meeting and going out with friends. In the evenings, the main role is played by the bar, located at the entrance to the Philharmonic, where a wide selection of wines, top-class liquors, home-made liqueurs, and, alternatively, brewed coffee and tea are available. Cafe Symfonia is on the one hand a minimalist white, and on the other an elegant style, which is a symbol of premium cafes.

ul. Małopolska 48
695 677 171