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Fanaberia - Whim

Fanaberia Szczecin
Fanaberia Szczecin

Fanaberia is the perfect place for morning coffee and tea, or for an afternoon meeting with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Among the paintings and nice objects you can enjoy an gold brew.

The cafe offers a wide selection of teas and coffees from the best plantations.
Teas are brewed, depending on the needs, in jugs of different capacity. Coffees are prepared in a variety of ways, from a classic espresso coffee machine to oriental versions with various spices.

The cafe's offer also includes home-made pastries and small snacks.

It is in Fanaberia where you can find special Szczecin teas perfect for a gift or souvenir.

ul. Ks. Bogusława X 5
91 812 74 75
STC discount
-20% for Szczecin teas