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Palace of the Pomeranian Landowners

Gmach Banku Ziemstwa Pomorskiego
Gmach Banku Ziemstwa Pomorskiego

The building, designed by architect Emil Drews, was built in a style of historicism (1893-1895) for the Association of the Pomeranian Lands and the Land Bank on the site of the demolished Royal Bastion of the fortifications of the Prussian fortress.

The figures of a knight and a landowner over the entrance symbolize the knightly lineage of the landed gentry.

The building has a beautifully decorated facade and two side wings of different lengths. The central avant-corps of the building is particularly decorative - with a driveway, a balcony, decorated with sculptures of a knight and a landowner, and a tympanum, on which a nine-field coat of arms of the Duchy of Pomerania and a griffin holding a shield with the initials of the Prussian king Frederick II were placed. The date "1781" shown below refers to the year of foundation of the Land Association.

Currently, the building belongs to the Academy of Arts.